The Quick Start Challenge ends today

Today is our last class for The Quick Start Challenge.  I have continued to make progress.

My Opt-In page is up with a Thank you page. I did not figure out the subdomains or CNAME yet, but that may be related to having my blog host site different from where my domain is. I need to add another page with video content. I am going to be working on that.

I have gathered a lot of information and training over the years and PLR to incorporate into my emails going forward and to test as I continue on.

My original goal years ago was to have this side and a blog for paleo and another for coaching. Trying to too many things was way overwhelming. The Quick Start Challenge was a great place to start to chunk the TO DO list into smaller chunks to accomplish. Eventually after I get more comfortable with writing and the page management for Opt-Ins I may start those other blogs.

I do keep finding things to update, like removing the 1st blog entry on this page which was the default Welcome blog when I first created this bog, Making sure commenting was activated.

On the Opt In, I had the Action set incorrectly on the Submit button, so it was going to the Thank You page, but not sending the email address from Click Funnels to GetResponse to add to the subscriber list.  That is fixed now.

Next is getting in the habit of writing on my blog more often.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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